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Benefits of a Family Dentist

When you are exploring the benefits of a family dentist in Austin, TX,  Dr. Juli Eivens and Dr. Jennifer Laubach of Advanced Smiles Dental fit the bill perfectly. Having a family dentist makes it easier and better for every member of your family. 

Your dentist gets to know you

When you have a family dentist, you have a relationship. Your dentist knows your family history and not only you but your children. It makes it easier to spot any issues that are apparent in multiple members of the family. When you have been with the same dentist for years, it becomes multi-generational. 


Life is complicated these days and when you have children it is always a matter of juggling schedules to fit in dental appointments. When you and your children are all getting your dental care in the same office, it is much easier to coordinate the visits. You make one call and set up all of your appointments and you may even be able to have all your visits on one day. With early morning appointments available 4 days a week, before school visits become an option. 

Record keeping

Trying to keep track of your family's dental records can be a real hassle. When you have a family dentist in Austin, TX you can have all your records at one location. Family dentists provide a variety of services and you will rarely need to go to a dental specialist. When you need a copy of your dental x-rays there is no guessing about which office has them, you know exactly where they are. 

Gives your children a good example

Your children learn not by being told but by observing. When they see their parents getting their dental exam, cleaning, and x-rays, they are more comfortable with following your example. It means less dental anxiety.

Consistent treatment

By always visiting the same dentist, you can be sure the exam and cleaning that you receive today will be the same service you receive in 6 months and in 6 years. It is all about making sure you take good care of your teeth and gums. Good oral health and care will allow you to keep your natural teeth as long as possible. 

Preventive care

Family dentists specialize in preventive care. Teaching children at an early age the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day and maintaining good oral health is vital to having a great smile well into your golden years. Family dentists can also provide sealants for children's teeth and fluoride treatments if necessary. 

Learn more about the benefits of a family dentist in Austin, TX with Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach of Advanced Smiles Dental. To make an appointment, call the office at 512-258-3384.

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