How Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile

At Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A., our dentists don't like to keep patients waiting―in the office or the dental chair. Dr. Julie Eivens, Dr. Jennifer Laubach, Dr. William Hughes are well suited to treat various dental conditions. But when a filling is insufficient, or your tooth is misshapen, they may recommend dental crowns in Austin, TX, to protect, cover, and restore its shape. Placing dental crowns in Austin, TX, is often a timely process. Fortunately, our practice offers CEREC one-day crowns, which involve taking a high-resolution image of the damaged tooth and transferring it to a computer screen to design a customized crown just for you.

How Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile 

A dental crown, also called a tooth cap is durable and versatile. It's often composed of strong materials like composite resin or porcelain and designed to withstand pressure from chewing and biting. Dental crowns are also recommended when a tooth is severely damaged by decay or fractured from injury. When there isn't enough natural tooth left to hold a filling, a dental crown can help strengthen the tooth, secure dental bridges, protect the weak tooth from damage, or restore one or multiple broken teeth. It can also hide discolored or irregularly shaped teeth and conceal a dental implant post. Dental crowns in Austin, TX, fit over your natural teeth like a semi-permanent hat. Additionally, dental crowns look and feel like normal teeth so you don't have to worry about appearance, irritability, or discomfort.

When it comes to dental crowns in Austin, TX, Advanced Smiles Dental P.A. can get you one in no time. Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach have received CEREC one-day crowns certifications. That means they're qualified to place custom-fit, high-quality dental crowns that match your teeth in a single visit vs. the typical two-day procedure. Please call (512) 258-3384 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Julie Eivens, Dr. Jennifer Laubach, or Dr. William Hughes.

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