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Regular dental checkups are an important part of maintaining oral health. Dr. Juli Eivens and Dr. Jennifer Laubach of Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A. are skilled providers who give routine dental checkups to patients of all ages in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. Call or schedule your dental appointment online at Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A. Our practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.

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Dental Check-up Q & A

Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A.

Why are dental checkups important?

Routine dental checkups evaluate the current condition of the patient’s teeth, gums, bones and other tissues in the mouth. During dental checkups, Dr. Laubach or Dr. Eivens identifies any issues affecting the patient’s oral health and recommends appropriate treatments to deal with these issues.

What should patients expect during a dental checkup?

During a dental checkup, Dr. Laubach or Dr. Eivens visually assess the condition of the teeth and gums. They also use special tools to gently check for decay or problems with the gums. Dr. Laubach or Dr. Eivens may also take x-ray images of the teeth and bones and administer an oral cancer screening to check for any anomalies in the mouth.

If the patient scheduled a dental cleaning on the same day as the checkup, a dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from the patient’s teeth during the same appointment.

How often should patients schedule dental checkups?

Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach recommend that patients schedule dental checkups at least twice each year, each visit at least 6 months apart. However, if the patient hasn’t been to the dentist recently or experiences certain problems, they may need more frequent dental checkups.

Will the patient experience pain during a checkup?

For patients who may feel anxious about their checkup, Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach will take whatever steps possible to ensure they feel comfortable and at ease. The doctors may recommend nitrous oxide or helpful techniques to calm any fears or anxiety related to dental checkups and cleanings.

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