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Regular dental care begins in childhood, and children’s dental care needs are different from those of an adult. Advanced Smiles Dental loves to make your child smile and feel happy about going to the dentist. Dr. Juli Eivens and Dr. Jennifer Laubach of Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A. offer comprehensive pediatric dental care to young patients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. Call or schedule your appointment online at Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A. Our practice is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance.

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Pediatric Q & A

Advanced Smiles Dental, P.A.

When should a child start seeing a dentist?

Even if a child doesn’t have their adult teeth, they may still develop painful cavities. Problems with baby teeth also damage the child’s adult teeth that develop below the surface of the gums. In addition, good oral hygiene habits are often established during childhood. For this reason, Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach emphasize the importance of child dental visits. As soon as a child has baby teeth and can sit still and remain calm during dental treatment, parents should schedule their child’s first dental appointment. The age of three is usually the time of a first dental visit.

How often should a child see the dentist?

Dr. Eivens and Dr. Laubach recommend that children visit the dentist for routine dental check-ups at least twice each year. They should also see the dentist if they are in pain or have other problems with their teeth or gums.

What happens when a child visits the dentist?

During a pediatric checkup, Dr. Laubach and Dr. Eivens make the child feel at ease. Then they examine the teeth carefully to look for any problems that require treatment. In most cases a dental hygienist also cleans the teeth during a pediatric visit. Depending on the child’s age and other factors, Dr. Laubach and Dr. Eivens may order x-rays during the visit to evaluate the teeth and bones.

If Dr. Laubach and Dr. Eivens notice a problem during the exam, they discuss a proposed treatment plan with the parent. The child may also receive oral hygiene tips to use at home.

What if the child is afraid of the dentist?

Dr. Laubach and Dr. Eivens are both experienced pediatric dentists. If a child is anxious, they help the child relax by providing reassurance and support. If the child needs a procedure that’s frightening or painful, Dr. Laubach and Dr. Eivens will do everything they can to alleviate their concerns. Appointments are always finished with a fun visit to our dental treasure box!

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